Narconon: outra fachada para os golpes da Scientology

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U$ 23 mil dolares por um programa de 3 a 6 meses. 18 depois, abandonado em um hotel de beira de estrada com U$ 10,00.

U$ 23 mil dólares por um programa de reabilitação de 3 a 6 meses. 18 dias depois, abandonado em um hotel com apenas U$ 10,00, sem direito a devolução do dinheiro pago.

September 11, 2006

To Whom It May Concern:

In the last two years my step-son (20 years old) drug problem has gotten really bad. He’s on probation for writing a forged check. He has to check in with his parole officer every week and some weeks they do a drug test and he always passes it except for marijuana and they don’t really do anything about that. He also goes to one on one counseling and group counseling every week but it’s not helping. In April and May of this year things has gotten out of hand. We tried sending him to the Service but they won’t take him as long as he is on reporting probation. It looked like he was going to end up in jail or death. We finally decided on sending him to a Drug Rehabilitation Center . We wanted one out of state so his girl-friend or any of his drug buddies couldn’t contact him.

During the last week of May 2006,we called 1-800- No Drugs, looking for a Drug Rehabilitation Center to send our son to. They hooked us up with Narconon Stone Hawk Rehabilitation Center of Battle Creek Michigan. We talked with Ramsy Darwish, CCDC an Intake Counselor at Stone Hawk about our situation. He convinced us (calling us every 2 or 3 days for a month) that Stone Hawk is where our son should be. We finally agreed with him and on June 30th we entered our son into the Stone
Hawk Rehabilitation Center at a cost of $23,500. (This is a 3 to 6 month program and money had to be paid upon entering the program). I paid $15,000 (borrowed credit card) and $8,500 on a line of credit I had. (I plan on getting a mortgage on some property to pay this off).

Ramsy Darwish, CCDC an Intake Counselor was there to help check him in. We just finished driving 7 hours to get to this rehab and it was a little after midnight . We had plenty of paperwork to fill out. On one of the forms, it said that the program was a No Refund Program . One of the questions that we asked at that time was if our son threw a fit were they going to throw him out. Ramsy assured us that they dealt with that all the time and that would not be a problem.

At that time I figure that Stone Hawk was the best place for our son. After all what was I going to do with him. If I could handle him at home, I wouldn’t have signed him up for a drug rehabilitation program. The day before, our son sold his pick-up and didn’t have any money to show for it. (I’m assuming that the money went for drugs). After checking him in they took him right to Detox.

On July 2, (2 days into Detox) our son passed out and was vomiting blood, the RN at the center would not let him go to the hospital. Our son finally convinced them to take him to the hospital. They said they would take him AMA (against medical advice). At the hospital they said he was dehydrated and started him on IV’s. After going back to Stone Hawk, he finished the detox withdrawal part of the program. Our son started the next phase of the program (Therapeutic Training Routines Course) which teaches one’s ability to confront and communicate.

Our son was having problems with getting through this phase. During this period we were talking with our son and the counselors (Anthony, Patty, and Ramsy) trying to get our son through this part of the program. On July 13th or 14th we talked to Patty (our son’s counselor) and he told us that if he couldn’t get our son though this course by the end of weekend that they would have to let him go. We called Ramsy and told him about the situation and he assured us that he would talk to our son to help get him through the program.

On July 18th around
7:00pm (18 days into the program) they loaded my son’s belongings and drove him 26 miles away to a motel room and dropped him off. They paid for his room (from his medical fund) and gave him $10.00. We have a phone message that says; “This is Jai the administrator of Stone Hawk of Battle Creek, Tory just had another outburst and we are basically washing our hands at this point and time, he is being on a 2 week AMA, basically a 2 week suspension.” The next day we went to get our son and took him straight to another Drug Rehabilitation Center at a cost of $8,000 (a borrowed credit card) for the first two week and $6,000(another borrowed credit card) for the following 4 weeks. After that I’m not sure what we will do.

On July 27th we got a hold of the owner of Stone Hawk (PerWickstrom) and he told us that there would be No Refund and that our son was on a 30 day suspension AMA (against medical advice) and that he was going to hold the bed for 30 days. Our son could have up to 3- 30 day suspensions (and he would hold a bed all this time) before they kicked him out. This is where they get a 3 month program.
Since that time our son is in another rehab center and he has passed the first part of their program (two weeks) and his continuing in the second phase of the program without a problem.

I guess the story I want to tell is that Narconon Drug Rehabilitation Centers are all over the United States and they have a no refund program where they can take your money ($23,500) and stick it to you. You don’t know it’s a No Refund Program until the day you get there and then you are so desperate to turn your son or daughter over to get them off drugs you will sign anything.


Greg and Beth Beha


2 thoughts on “Narconon: outra fachada para os golpes da Scientology

  1. Estranha a história deste cara.

    Hoje, já são mais de 100 mil pessoas que se LIBERTARAM totalmente das drogas por causa da Narconon E isto é verificável, ao invés de um relatinho muito suspeito como o desse cidadão…

    Prezados Pais, Educadores e pessoas preocupadas, por favor, visitem o site da Fundação Por Um Mundo Livre de Drogas, e solicitem GRATUITAMENTE o kit educacional que a Scientology doa para os interessados:

    Caso deseje ver o que a imprensa séria diz sobre Scientology (não matérias pagas ou blogs tendenciosos como este:-), visite:

  2. A Narconon já está plenamente estabelecida aqui e qualquer um pode entrar em contato, caso ache necessário, e verão que sim, existem custos, mas estão anos luz (muito longe) de atingir quantia absurda declarada aí:

    Histórias de sucesso:

    Entre em contato, peça informações e verá por si mesmo a DIFERENÇA da realidade para estes ataques furados…

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