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Ability, Issue 131, august 1961
Scientology’s future

Authority belongs to those who can DO the task in any given field.


The psychologist could not change intelligence quotient or personality at will. The scientologist can. The psychologist could not restore sanity and happiness to the insane. The scientologist can. The medical doctor could not heal without consequence, when he could heal at all. The scientologist can.


Scientology will inherit the hospitals, the clinics, the asylums, the halls of learning where humanity was abused. Scientology will inherit the task of signposting man upon a better road.

Ther are only two reasons why this is so; they had their chance and did not do their job; we have our chance and are doing ours.

So do not blink when you ask your doctor, your psychiatrist, your savant in the humanities, and he says we are vile. Who has ever admired his own executioner?

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